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About the art

When the creative impulse sweeps over you, grab it.

You grab it and honor it and use it, because momentum

is a rare gift.                                 — Justina Chen, Writer.

Thanks to.....

Anna Harvey, Craig Spence, Glendda Thorp, Lori Lautermilch, Mary Speller, and Pat Nichols, for kindly taking photos of some of the artwork on these pages, and to Marian Paris and Susie Hammond for helping in so many ways..........

Thank you to Rose Cowles for kindly

enhancing my logo!!!

Logos by Rose Cowles blue background G.p

I make assemblages on wood panels, and these pieces are composed of discarded and new ceramic tiles, shards, beads, buttons, shells, feathers, driftwood, Japanese and Italian papers, jewellry, and other found and/or new objects which I re-purpose.

I also make mosaic pieces such as mirrors and panels using the same types of materials.

I have returned to creating illustrations, and have introduced collage as a major part of my practice, sometimes combining the two.


The most compelling reason I make art is because I love colour and texture, and in the last several years have discovered that working with objects or papers and moving them around to create relationships between their properties has become my favourite way to be creative. It can sometimes take hours or days, even weeks, to resolve the mystery of what will work with what, and when it works, that “aha” moment is wonderful.

Detail from No. 2 of the Variations on a
About Marianne

Colour is the touchstone of Marianne’s art and everyday life. She first produced pen and ink drawings and mixed media artwork as prints and art cards. Recently, she has expanded her genre to include the creation of mosaics, assemblages and collages, and has returned to the practice of illustration.


She works out of her home studio in Victoria, BC Canada.


Interests and Influences


Marianne has a passion for the Abstract Expressionism and Lyrical Abstraction movements. Architecture, film, sculpture, theatre, literature, philosophy and music are also a few of her many interests.


Her art education continues and is mostly self-directed, benefiting from the study and influence of work by such artists as Hans Hoffman, Jack Youngerman, Adolf Gottlieb, Henri Matisse, Paul Klee, Anne Tabachnick, Mark Tobey, Jean Dubuffet, Robert Motherwell, Helen Frankenthaler, Grace Harrigan, Franz Kline, Lee Krasner, John K. Esler, Pierre Alechninsky, Michael (Corinne Michelle) West, Perle Fine, Simon Hantai, John Hoyland and many more.


Marianne has worked as a coordinator of non-profit enterprises and music programs. She was the founder and director of Goodrich Graphic Design, specializing in project management and production coordination of educational materials, as well as illustration and layout design. Volunteerism included work over several years on a local film project as script and research consultant, as well as production manager, continuity director, and publicist.






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